Acoustic Art Makes Soundproofing Beautiful


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FabriART™ custom-printed acoustic art provides an acoustical solution while creating something beautiful and engaging.

Sound absorption panels don’t have to be plain or boring. What if you could keep noise under control while adding to the look and feel of your environment? You can, thanks to our FabriART™ system, in which printed fabric is stretched over the trak system of your choice. It’s the perfect solution for any acoustically sensitive environment.

There are infinite ways to use our custom-print acoustical art as more than just an acoustical solution:

  • Inform customers of your business’s history or provide insight into the creation of your products using engaging images, flowcharts, whatever will be most compelling.
  • Advertise your most popular seasonal products. Your FabriART™ acoustic panels are designed to be interchangeable, meaning they’re not permanent and can be switched out as your needs require.
  • Blend our products in with your existing design. For instance, one restaurant owner ordered fabric printed with bricks matching those already on the walls. Their FabriART™ blended beautifully with the design of the restaurant.
  • Entertain and educate your customers. Museums are busy, noisy places. Walls covered in pictures and text give visitors something to look at while controlling noise and echo.
  • Spotlight your employees. As you can see in the photo below, ESa used FabriART™ in their break room, creating acoustic art which included photos of every employee and their family. Keeping sound under control while reinforcing company culture? Check!

The possibilities are endless, and can be custom-tailored to any business’s needs. No matter if your walls are curved or straight, or even if you’d rather cover your ceiling in acoustic panels than your walls, we’ve got you covered.

The images below feature examples of FabriART™ at work. Contact us to find out what our acoustic art can do for your business.

acoustic art acoustic art acoustic art acoustic art acoustic art acoustic art acoustic art acoustic art

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