Is An Acoustic Ceiling Right For You?


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A FabriTRAK® acoustic ceiling could be just what your business needs to keep noise under control – no matter what your ceiling features.

There are public spaces which need all the soundproofing they can get – theaters and places of worship come to mind, along with restaurants and offices with bustling open floorplans. If your business is one in which noise reduction is a major issue, you want to arm yourself in every way possible. Acoustic wall panels are an excellent first step, but you want more: an acoustic ceiling.

Only your ceiling isn’t a single, flat expanse. It has interesting architectural features, like a dome or recessed lighting. Or you’re afraid your HVAC system will get in the way. Or you’re working with a theater or auditorium with lighting and sound equipment mounting to the ceiling–where would you begin to mount an acoustical ceiling there?

No worries! FabriTRAK® is primed and ready to rise to whatever challenge your ceiling poses. Our creativity, paired with the performance of our acoustic panels, allow us to adapt to virtually any space. An acoustic ceiling doesn’t have to cover the entire ceiling to be effective–as you can see in some of the photos below, we’ve found ways to work around the existing equipment in a space to still provide noise reduction.

The same goes for domes or other architectural features, HVAC and sprinkler systems–anything that might otherwise get in the way of a typical acoustic ceiling system. Our seamless finish and acoustic performance will leave you wondering why you didn’t install FabriTRAK® soundproofing products long ago.

The photos below showcase just some of what we can do with your business’s existing architecture while providing the noise reduction you need. Contact us today to find out more about our products.

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