Acoustical Tests

The chart below shows a brief Acoustical Test on all of our infill types. A more complete and detailed explanation of these tests can be found by clicking the PDF link in the test column or by contacting FabriTRAK® Systems, Inc. directly.

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Acoustical Test Data

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Track HeightType of Infill ReportFabric TypeNRCSAATest
1"EcoTACK™None.75.74Download PDF
0.5 1/2"FabriTACKAcoustic Felt.75.74Download PDF
1"FiberglassFR7010.750.76Download PDF
2"FiberglassKnoll Mezzo0.950.93Download PDF
2"FiberglassFR7010.950.94Download PDF
0.5 1/2"Terracore 3.5#None0.500.49Download PDF
0.5 1/2"FabriTACKNone0.500.49Download PDF
0.5 1/2"FabriTACKFR7010.550.53Download PDF
1"Terracore 4.5#None0.750.75Download PDF
1"Terracore 6#None0.800.77Download PDF
1"FabriTACKNone0.750.77Download PDF
1"FabriTACKFR7010.800.80Download PDF
1"FiberglassFR7010.800.78Download PDF
1"FiberglassFabric0.850.82Download PDF
1"Knauf EcoseFabric0.850.82Download PDF
1"FiberglassNone0.750.72Download PDF
1"FiberglassFabriART0.850.83Download PDF
1.375 1 3/8"FiberglassFabriSPAN™0.800.79Download PDF
1.125 1 1/8"FabriTACKNone0.900.86Download PDF
1.125 1 1/8"FabriTACKFabric0.900.86Download PDF
1.25 1 1/4"FabriTACKFabric0.850.84Download PDF
1.25 1 1/4"FabriTACKNone0.900.87Download PDF

Sound Transmission Test Data

Track HeightType of Infill ReportFabric TypeSTCTest
1.25 1"FabriBLOK w/FTS System (Dual)FR70147Download PDF
1.25 1"FabriBLOK w/FTS SystemFR70143Download PDF