How To Ask Neighbors For Quiet


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For many, summer means outdoor living. Barbecues, picnics, or just relaxing in the sun with friends can be some of summer’s greatest pleasures. However, all this fun in the sun can leave some people wondering how to ask neighbors for quiet.

Summer is already noisy enough, from the early-morning sounds of birds singing to the ever-present chirping of cicadas at an all-time high in some parts of the country this year. It can be difficult to adjust to lawnmowers, the sound of children playing outside for hours and other sounds we typically associate with warmer months. Adding music and parties to the mix can be enough to throw even the calmest person over the edge.

There are very real concerns regarding noise, too – it’s not all a matter of personal preference. People with small children might find it hard to get them to sleep at night when neighbors are throwing yet another late-night backyard bash. People working from home might find it impossible to concentrate. Dog owners might be concerned for the health of their pets when noise levels rise, as the sounds of loud music can make animals anxious.

Some would rather put up with inconvenience rather than start an argument, but it’s not always possible – and can result in resentment and even bigger issues. So how to ask neighbors for quiet when it’s clear you can’t take another month or more of noise?

  • State your problem clearly. It could be that your neighbor just doesn’t realize the noise they’re making. Don’t assume they don’t care – or that they know the stress their noise causes you.
  • Ask if there’s a solution that can be reached. For example, putting a time limit on outdoor fun, especially if children are involved or you need to wake up early for work and noise is ruining your sleep. If you approach the problem with a friendly, reasonable attitude, your neighbor is likely to do the same.
  • Be willing to negotiate. Stay flexible and be willing to talk things out. For instance, if a neighbor’s dog barks incessantly, there might not be much they can do about it. If your neighbor offers to call it a night earlier in the evening so your family can rest, you might have to accept it even if it’s not as early as you would like. If there’s still a problem, you can revisit the issue later.

Don’t let noise ruin your summer – especially if you’ve been smart enough to add our products to your business and home!

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