soundproofing a synagogue

Soundproofing a Synagogue

Creating the ideal worship environment in a synagogue is a complex endeavor. When a synagogue has proper acoustics, sound resonates in an almost ethereal manner. Indeed, in order to ensure the highest quality atmosphere for your congregation, special consideration must be given to your synagogue’s acoustics. Most synagogues are designed slightly differently from other places... Click to Continue Reading

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acoustic ceiling

Is An Acoustic Ceiling Right For You?

A FabriTRAK® acoustic ceiling could be just what your business needs to keep noise under control – no matter what your ceiling features. There are public spaces which need all the soundproofing they can get – theaters and places of worship come to mind, along with restaurants and offices with bustling open floorplans. If your business... Click to Continue Reading

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fabritrak noise reduction restaurant

Noise Reduction and Your Business

Noise reduction makes for happier customers and employers, and FabriTRAK® products make it easier than ever. We live in a noisy world, so any haven we find is worth our time. This is just as true of our homes as the businesses we frequent. So what happens when those businesses are just as noisy as... Click to Continue Reading

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acoustic art

Acoustic Art Makes Soundproofing Beautiful

FabriART™ custom-printed acoustic art provides an acoustical solution while creating something beautiful and engaging. Sound absorption panels don’t have to be plain or boring. What if you could keep noise under control while adding to the look and feel of your environment? You can, thanks to our FabriART™ system, in which printed fabric is stretched... Click to Continue Reading

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soundproofing a theater

Soundproofing a Theater

Soundproofing a theater is made easier than ever thanks to our versatile line of FabriTRAK® products. Imagine paying top dollar prices for tickets to a show or concert you couldn’t hear clearly thanks to out-of-control echo. You wouldn’t be happy, would you? Frankly, neither would the performers who want their audience to hear them clearly! This is why... Click to Continue Reading

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Church using FabriTRAK products for soundproofing

Soundproofing a Place of Worship

Soundproofing a place of worship is made easy, thanks to FabriTRAK® sound absorption panels. Have you ever been inside a cathedral? What about a very old church or temple? They were built with acoustics in mind – they had to be, considering the lack of microphones! There’s nothing like the sound of song filling one of those massive... Click to Continue Reading

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Group of friends at a party

How To Ask Neighbors For Quiet

For many, summer means outdoor living. Barbecues, picnics, or just relaxing in the sun with friends can be some of summer’s greatest pleasures. However, all this fun in the sun can leave some people wondering how to ask neighbors for quiet. Summer is already noisy enough, from the early-morning sounds of birds singing to the... Click to Continue Reading

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Acoustical Walls in a Conference Room

Dealing With Workplace Distraction

It’s not rocket science: The key to workplace productivity is focus. Yet with so many people dealing with workplace distraction from coworkers and the noise outside their work space, it’s a wonder that anything gets done. This is a real problem facing millions of people worldwide. In the U.S. alone, noise affects as many as 30... Click to Continue Reading

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FabriSPAN™ Ceiling in a lobby with plants

What is Auralization?

Have you ever been in a public space which clearly wasn’t designed with acoustics in mind? Where conversation or even hearing yourself think were impossible? Wouldn’t it be better if an architect or designer could measure their design’s effect on acoustics in advance? It’s possible, and it’s called auralization. What is auralization? Just like visualization involves... Click to Continue Reading

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Microphone aimed at a car's exhaust

Should We Embrace Noise Pollution?

Should we embrace noise pollution? After all, scientists have estimated that it doubles or even triples every twenty to thirty years–faster even than the growth in population. It seems pointless to ignore it, or fight against it. We might as well get used to it, right? That’s not what we’re suggesting. Instead of learning to... Click to Continue Reading

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