Dealing With Workplace Distraction


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It’s not rocket science: The key to workplace productivity is focus. Yet with so many people dealing with workplace distraction from coworkers and the noise outside their work space, it’s a wonder that anything gets done.

This is a real problem facing millions of people worldwide. In the U.S. alone, noise affects as many as 30 million workers. Many office workers attribute this to their company’s open floor plan, which was originally conceived as a way to foster interaction and collaboration. What it seems to be doing, more often than not, is killing productivity. Research conducted in 2013 concluded that the noise and loss of privacy in these open offices was a the main source of employee dissatisfaction.

This dissatisfaction translates into dollars and cents – that is, the amount of money companies lose due to unproductive, distracted, unhappy employees. For years, researchers have conducted studies on how much money is lost to low productivity, and the numbers are typically in the billions of dollars per year. It’s not as though employees aren’t aware of the problem, however; a Google search of “how to stay focused at work” comes back with over 40 million results. Clearly, this is an issue employees are trying to find ways to improve on their own.

Employers can help their employees and their bottom line without going to extremes. When eradicating an open floor plan isn’t possible, consider creating quiet spaces. These can be small offices or conference rooms available at certain times of the day for employees craving peace. Installing FabriTRAK® in these spaces, along with adding our wall panels and acoustical ceilings to your entire office, means increased sound absorption which can then lead to increased focus and productivity.

Need proof? Take a look at the photos below, showing our products in action in a variety of office settings.

dealing with workplace distraction dealing with workplace distraction dealing with workplace distraction


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