Should We Embrace Noise Pollution?


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Should we embrace noise pollution? After all, scientists have estimated that it doubles or even triples every twenty to thirty years–faster even than the growth in population. It seems pointless to ignore it, or fight against it. We might as well get used to it, right?

That’s not what we’re suggesting. Instead of learning to reduce noise pollution, people most often try to ignore it by practicing what’s called “learned deafness.” That’s where the real problem lies, and what embracing noise pollution would ideally correct.

What is “learned deafness”?

Have you ever put on a pair of noise-canceling headphones, or put in a pair of earbuds, in the hopes of drowning out conversation, traffic noise or some other irritating sound? This is an unfortunate habit, since it leads to us train ourselves to block out the natural sounds around us.

This is called “learned deafness”, and it’s not only unfortunate, but it can be dangerous. When we train ourselves to block out noise with more noise, we might miss things we need to hear–sirens, alarms, and such. Have you ever seen a pedestrian have a near-miss with a passing car? It’s almost as if we’re setting ourselves up for disaster.

What can we do?

Learning to adapt to noise pollution using new technology, and products such as FabriTRAK®, is the key to embracing noise pollution and learning to lessen its effect on our lives. Instead of ignoring the problem, we should work to mitigate it by absorbing noise so it’s not such a concern.

FabriTRAK® wall panels, acoustical ceilings and custom-print art are designed specifically to lessen the effects of noise all around us, in businesses, public places and residential buildings. The possibilities for improved acoustic performance are endless.

Check out some of the pictures below for examples of how our products fit perfectly into any design or application.

hotel hallway ritz carlton fabritrak FabriTRAK® Portfolio, Residential Full Size Image Residential 6 - Full Image FabriTRAK-office5-full Acoustical ceiling FabriTRAK

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