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An Artistic Touch

FabriART is a unique product that effectively combines acoustic performance and artistic imagery, transforming an acoustic wall system into a work of art and art works into a visually beautiful sound solution.

Acoustic Art Panels Cutaway

Acoustic Art Panel Cutaway

No Limitations!

Creativity has no limits and neither do our Acoustic Art Panels.

This stunning and effective system can be applied to ceilings as well as curved and straight walls.

Acoustic Art Ceiling Dome

This elegant entry dome combines the intricate look of a hand-painted ceiling with the benefit of enhanced acoustical performance.

The seamless look of our acoustic art panels will allow the perfect blend of creativity and purpose to any business or residence at an economical price.

The beautiful look of an Acoustic Art Panel does not have to be permanent. The system is interchangeable and is designed to stay current with client promotions.