FabriBLOK™ Product Sheet  FabriBLOK™ Sound Transmission Test

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What is FabriBLOK™

FabriBLOK™ is a mass loaded limp vinyl material that is used as a noise isolation barrier with a high STC value. FabriBLOK™ is an excellent choice for new construction as well as retrofitting or refurbishing existing rooms and spaces where sound transfer is an annoyance. FabriBLOK™ maintains privacy where it matters: Conference rooms, board rooms, interrogation rooms, command centers, home theaters, recording studios, gymnasiums or wherever else sound absorption is important.

FabriBLOK™ Cutaway

FabriBLOK™ Cutaway

Why Use FabriBLOK™

FabriBLOK™ is one of the first systems to offer TOTAL SOUND CONTROL. FabriBLOK™ is a sound barrier material mated to the FabriTRAK® system, combined with a sound absorbing infill and fire-retardant fabric. Now you can enjoy total sound comfort, privacy and elegance with the use of FabriBLOK™ and FabriTRAK® as the visual sound solution