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The FabriSPAN™ Ceiling System

The seamless sound solution for Ceiling Applications.

The FabriSPAN™ Ceiling System is comprised of three elements:

  • FabriSPAN™ wide and ultra-wide width stretch fabrics
  • FabriSPAN™ Ceiling Trak™ heavy wall with FabriTRAK™ specially designed for ultra-wide width ceiling fabrics
  • Sound absorbing material as required

FabriSPAN™ ceiling fabrics are available in whites and other soft hues to add a warm and engaging look to a room. For a more dramatic look, FabriSPAN™ is available in black and other colors to make a truly customized appearance.

FabriSPAN™ fabric is combined with FabriSPAN™ Ceiling Trak™ and an acoustical infill to enhance the look and acoustic pleasantness of the room. With the availability of fabrics up to 16 feet wide, the design and acoustic possibilities are endless. FabriSPAN™ can be used in conjunction with lighting applications, HVAC and fire sprinklers  to provide a clean, finished, and seamless product.