Infill – Core Material

The FabriTRAK® System can be used with multiple types of infill material. A sortable list of all the infill materials that are applicable with the FabriTRAK® system can be found here.

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InfillMaterialUseGreenFabriTRAK® ProductTesting Available
Wiltec™FoamSound AbsorptionNoNoNo
MicoreFiber BoardTackableNoNoNo
FiberglassFiberglassSound AbsorptionNoNoYes
FabrifillPolyesterSound AbsorptionNoNoYes
FabriTACK™Fiberglass w/ScrimTackableNoYesYes
FabriBLOK™VinylSound TransmissionNoYesYes
TerraCore Poly™100% PolyesterSound AbsorptionYesYesYes
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