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The FabriTRAK® Acoustical Ceiling System

Our acoustical ceiling system uses our very own ultra wide-width fabric, FabriSPAN™.  The FabriSPAN™  System combines FabriSPAN™ Ceiling Trak, an acoustical infill and ultra wide-width fabric to enhance the acoustic pleasantness as well as the aesthetics of any room.

Ultra-Wide Width Fabrics in Any Color. No Minimum.

  • FabriTRAK® fabrics are available in up to 16′-0″ ultra wide-widths for a crisp, clean finish.
  • Available in 8 standard FTS colors.
  • Custom color match gives FabriTrak System’s the ability to match any PMS or paint chip color.
  • No minimum yardage required for any order in any color or texture.
  • Combine with FabriART™ for a truly custom printed ceiling mural.

When customizing the FabriSPAN® Ceiling System by FabriTrak Systems Inc, the sky is the limit.

Acoustical Walls in a Conference Room

The FabriTRAK® Acoustical FabriSPAN™ Ceiling System applied in a high-end lobby using wide-width fabric.

Seamless Finish for All Applications

The FabriSPAN™ Ceiling System can be used in conjunction with all existing ceiling fixtures, sich as: lighting applications, HVAC ducts and fire sprinklers, to provide a clean, finished, and seamless installation.