Soundproofing a Synagogue


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Creating the ideal worship environment in a synagogue is a complex endeavor. When a synagogue has proper acoustics, sound resonates in an almost ethereal manner. Indeed, in order to ensure the highest quality atmosphere for your congregation, special consideration must be given to your synagogue’s acoustics.

Most synagogues are designed slightly differently from other places of worship creating a unique series of acoustical challenges. Some synagogues have an upper level in addition to a bottom level. While this creates a more open and airy worship experience, with the wrong acoustical tools, it can result in a noise nightmare. Many traditional and Orthodox synagogues prohibit the use of amplification devices on the Sabbath. This poses another challenge: how to project the Rabbi or speaker’s message or the Cantor’s chanting to reach all worshippers in the sanctuary. Without proper acoustics in a synagogue due to hard reflective surfaces. sound simply bounces from wall to wall, creating loud and unpleasant noise or not projecting to the congregants.

The synagogues that FabriTRAK® has proudly worked alongside all had one thing in common–they needed soundproofing. Incorrect acoustical equipment can cause dozens of voices joined together in song to sound more like a confusing uproar. Even conversations between people can sound raucous and jarring with the wrong acoustical tools. Consequently, the entire service can be harmed merely from poor acoustical products.

However, our high-quality acoustical panels are specifically designed to correct such acoustic problems. Our panels correct acoustical issues by taking the sound in a room–whether in the form of singing, music, or speaking–and sharpening it by absorbing the sound rather than allowing the sound waves to simply bounce between walls. Whether it’s through our acoustical ceiling system, our acoustic wall system, or a combination of the two, our products ensure ideal acoustics, allowing your congregation to get the most out of a service.

We offer a variety of versatile fabric options, ensuring that the look and feel of the synagogue’s interior is maintained and oftentimes even enhanced. As the pictures below demonstrate, we can truly work with any design.

If your synagogue is in need of soundproofing, contact us today to find out how our products will keep your services noise free and thereby enhance the entire experience for your congregation.

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