Soundproofing a Theater


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Soundproofing a theater is made easier than ever thanks to our versatile line of FabriTRAK® products.

Imagine paying top dollar prices for tickets to a show or concert you couldn’t hear clearly thanks to out-of-control echo. You wouldn’t be happy, would you? Frankly, neither would the performers who want their audience to hear them clearly! This is why soundproofing a theater for maximum acoustic performance is so important. The performance needs to be as clear from the front row to the last row and every row in between.

The same principles are at work in movie theaters. You might feel or hear the occasional onscreen explosion from the theater next to the one you’re in, but for the most part the sound from next door doesn’t travel through the walls to your theater, and vice versa. Meanwhile, even the loudest sounds don’t echo off the walls or ceiling.

This is all made possible with the help of a little planning and a lot of help from acoustic ceiling and wall panels. These sound absorption panels make it possible for the audience to enjoy crisp, clear acoustics while dampening the noise coming from outside the theater.

An acoustical ceiling system doesn’t have to cover the entire ceiling, either. If the ceiling features lighting rigs and other equipment, the versatility and performance of our acoustic panels gives us the ability to cover what parts of the ceiling we can and still absorb sound waves.

Check out the photos below to see how soundproofing a theater can be easy, stylish and provide a better experience for audiences, then be sure to contact us to find out what we can do for you.


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