Soundproofing a Place of Worship


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Soundproofing a place of worship is made easy, thanks to FabriTRAK® sound absorption panels.

Have you ever been inside a cathedral? What about a very old church or temple? They were built with acoustics in mind – they had to be, considering the lack of microphones! There’s nothing like the sound of song filling one of those massive spaces.

Today’s places of worship are more versatile. They’re not often designed on such a grand scale. Sound has less space in which to travel, meaning it bounces around from wall to wall. Important parts of a service can be drowned out, music can be distorted.

The places of worship FabriTRAK® has proudly worked with all had one thing in common: They needed soundproofing. After all, many voices raised in song can be result in deafening echo. Worshippers need to be able to hear what’s being said by the worship leader. Beautiful music shouldn’t result in a nightmare of noise. Congregants should be able to speak to one another without yelling to be heard.

It just so happens that our acoustical panels are built for tasks like this. They take the sound in a room – singing, music, speaking – and keep it crisp and clean by absorbing rather than allowing sound waves to bounce around. Whether it’s through our acoustical ceiling system, our acoustic wall panels or a combination of the two, we make it possible for a congregation to get the most out of a service.

And thanks to our versatile fabric options, the look and feel of the interior is maintained or even enhanced. We can truly work with any design–just look at the pictures below to see what we mean.

If your place of worship is in need of soundproofing, be sure to contact us to find out how our products will keep your services noise-free.

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2 Responses to “Soundproofing a Place of Worship”

    Daniel Loverde

    I would love to present an offer to the board of the church concerning renovation of a part of the church that we could use for the youth ministry.
    It’s a room that looks right now like a warehouse and we will love to turn it into a place of worship. The issues is that the main sanctuary is just next door and to be able to use the room we will need to be heavy on soundproofing the place so that we do not disturb the sanctuary when we have simultaneous meetings.
    The room is approximatively L. 10 meters x D. 6meters x H. 5metters. How much would it cost to soundproof the room?
    If you could help me I would love the room to look a little be more like your last picture of your site; modern, fresh and welcoming. Can you put me in touch with the other companies that work with places of worship that you recommend ?


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