What is Auralization?


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Have you ever been in a public space which clearly wasn’t designed with acoustics in mind? Where conversation or even hearing yourself think were impossible? Wouldn’t it be better if an architect or designer could measure their design’s effect on acoustics in advance? It’s possible, and it’s called auralization.

What is auralization?

Just like visualization involves imagining the way something looks, auralization imagines the way something sounds. Architects, sound designers and acoustic engineers can replicate the way sound waves will behave in a structure through the use of computer software. Rather than waiting for a glass-and-concrete structure to create deafening echo, designers can simulate the way sound works in a room. They can do this by factoring in the room’s dimensions, the materials used in its design and more. This helps professionals take measures to make the most of acoustic performance long before a design is complete and visitors complain about poor acoustics.

How does FrabriTRAK® help?

What happens when a design isn’t acoustic-friendly? This is where products like FabriTRAK® come in. We make it possible to lessen the way sound bounces off hard surfaces while leaving a design intact, through the use of our sound-absorbing panels, acoustical ceilings and custom-print acoustic art. Design suddenly becomes acoustically sound, and maybe even better looking than before.

Effective sound design doesn’t need to be difficult or intrusive. Technology and FabriTRAK® can make architects, designers and the public happy.

Check out the photos below to see how beautifully we compliment designs which might otherwise leave visitors covering their ears.

FabriTRAK-portfolio-worship1-full FabriTRAK-portfolio-entryways1-full


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