The FabriTRAK® Acoustical System

  1. Wall Substrate

    From wall to ceiling, drywall to concrete, even from straight to curved walls…No matter what the Wall Substrate happens to be, FabriTRAK ® is able to be mounted by our network of professional installers.

  2. FabriTRAK® Profiles

    FabriTRAK® is available in Square, Bevel and Radius profiles from 3/8” to 2” in depth. There are over 50 types of Trak to suit the need for any installation. Visit the Trak Profile Catalog to see what Trak works best for your project.

  3. Infill

    Choose between Standard Fiberglass, FabriFILL™ Cotton, FabriTACK™, or TerraCORE™. The infill is installed within the FabriTRAK® framework and can be combined with FabriBLOK™ for the total acoustical solution. Find more information in our Product Literature Library

  4. Fabric

    The fabric is stretched over the FabriTRAK® framework and tucked into FabriTRAK®’s locking jaws without the use of adhesives or mechanical fasteners. This allows for future fabric replacement while not disturbing the other components.

  5. Moldings and Trim

    The diverse line of FabriTRAK® profiles enables a smooth, crisp, custom tailored transition into adjacent surfaces.

Cross Section of a wall with FabriTRAK®, acoustical panels and fabric.
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