FabriTRAK® Acoustical Wall System

FabriTRAK® is an exceptional fire-retardant rigid vinyl framework that provides a method for using fabric as an interior architectural finish for walls and ceilings. FabriTRAK® frameworks, known generally as "trak" are manufactured from a unique blend of polymers and fire-retardant additives free of volatile organic compounds.

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FabriTACK™ bonds a thin, high-density fiberglass with a lower-density core, significantly improving absorption properties in all frequencies, resulting in enhanced N.R.C. values. FabriTACK™ is the ONLY high-impact, tackable product that is acoustically tested to C423/E795.

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FabriSPAN™ fabric is combined with FabriSPAN™ Ceiling Trak™ and an acoustical infill to enhance the look and acoustic pleasantness of the room. With the availability of fabrics up to 16 feet wide, the design and acoustic possibilities are endless.

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FabriBlok™ is a mass loaded limp vinyl material that is used as a noise isolation barrier with a high STC value. FabriBlok™ is an excellent choice for new construction as well as retrofitting or refurbishing existing rooms and spaces where sound transfer is an annoyance.

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Acoustic Art Panels by Fabri Trak Systems Inc. is a unique product that effectively combines acoustic performance and artistic imagery, transforming an acoustic wall system into a work of art and art works into a visually beautiful sound solution.

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Green Products

When thinking of "Green" products, Acoustical Wall and Ceiling Treatments may not be the first to pop into your mind, but FabriTRAK® Systems, Inc., would like to change that preception. These products were created to be environmentally sensitive with sustainability built into their manufacture and usage.

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